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About Us

  • Grafton Street Partners is an equity-focused public / private evergreen investment fund that invests in founders and businesses across their life cycles with a perpetual capital mindset and value-additive partnership approach

  • Grafton Street Partners also invests in fund managers with deep expertise in their focus areas with a proven track record of value creation and investment performance

  • Our team brings diverse experience across investment management, private and public equities, management consulting, investment banking, and business operations

  • We are supported by world-class operators who bring their expertise and networks to bear to support our portfolio companies

  • We are backed by families and individuals, many of whom are entrepreneurs and executives themselves, who are closely aligned with our mission & vision and keen to support our portfolio companies

Mission & Vision

  • We exist to support visionary founders and operators with value-add and permanent capital to build the industry-defining businesses of tomorrow

  • We are building a flourishing ecosystem of founders, operators, industry experts, and investors to facilitate high-impact introductions and drive value

  • We utilize our experience, investment acumen, and networks to catalyze the achievement of extraordinary outcomes for our entrepreneurs and investors

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Investment Philosophy

We invest in businesses with:

  1. An outstanding team

  2. Alignment with major, enduring industry shifts

  3. Growing revenue and currently profitable or potential for future earnings

  4. A fair valuation

  5. A long runway for future growth

To learn more or see if your business might be a fit, please drop us a note at

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Focus Areas

We invest in private and public business across the below sectors:

  • Software

  • Fintech and payments

  • Consumer internet / E-commerce

  • Healthcare IT

  • Tech-enabled services

We also selectively invest in investment managers with differentiated expertise and a repeatable track record of superior investment performance.

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